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​Anémic Cinéma, 2013

“Visual artist Marcel Duchamp (1887–1968) made in collaboration with Man Ray kinetic film Anémic Cinéma (1924–26)… subject [of which] was to create optical illusion or illustration of the “fourth dimension”… The issue of three-dimensional space and its transformation into four-dimensional perspective is evident in Duchamp’s concept of screening[: the] Image was projected through specially modified projection screen made out of transparent glass, which enabled the light to pass through and mirror itself on the silver, reflecting back wall. The light was supposed to penetrate this mirror curtain with the retroflection being also perceivable, thus giving strong impression of the depth of infinite dimension. The object of perception are not only the moving graphical and textual Rotorelief Discs that are evoking the three dimensional sense of depth, but also the projection, virtual space of the film (the fourth dimension).”[1]

“on YouTube, many representations of great works of art can be found // some of the works cannot be transmitted by such a media /// while the essence and purpose of the work is lost /// while the work as such is unattainable // they are gaining different qualities and new interpretations // that are pushing forward //// completely new work of art accidently emerges”[2]

Almost five hour screening block consisting of all “versions” of Anémic Cinema that were possible to find and watch on YouTube at one exact date in the spring 2013. However, the versions vary dramatically, and in most fascinating way – different variants of illegal DVD rips are placed side by side to DIY preservation efforts or user’s attempts for creative extension of the original artwork. Underground gallery is consumed by immersive timelessness, uncanny hypnotic state in which bleeds the limits of time, space and media.

Marie Meixnerová

[1] MAZANEC, Martin. Avantgardní a experimentální film. Úvodní kapitoly. Studijní texty pro distanční studium. Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci, Olomouc 2006. From Czech translated by Marie Meixnerová.

[2]  guerilla curating by (c) merry​

TF 122, (c) merry 2014

Drahé umění, moc tě prosím, neztrať pro mne Auru!


Nápis vyveden modrou pastelkou na měkký papír A4 na obraze mého předka, malíře Kubíčka, v průběhu sledování pořadu Artmix (z 22. 6. 2014). Tepová frekvence 122 tepů za minutu. 23. 7. 2014, 0.35.

(malba váza s květinami, Kubíček, Třebíč, nedatováno)



Dear Art, I am begging you, don’t you ever loose aura for me!

Thank you

Writing in blue crayon on A4 paper laid on painting by my ancestor, painter Kubicek, while watching Czech art news on TV (from June 22 2014). Heart rate 122 beats per minute. July 23, 2014 0.35.

(painting: vase with flowers, Kubicek, Třebíč, undated)

Untitled (From Art for Texas Series)
(c) merry, August 2013

Mixed media, 4708 x 3556 pixels
17:05-06, Brno, Czech Republic

2013 Show at TAD Gallery, Denton, Texas:


It Narratives, Franklin Street Works, Stamford, Connecticut,

6. 9. – 9. 11. 2014


Wrocław. 3.–5. 10. 2014

International Conference Uncertain Spaces: Virtual Configurations in Contemporary Art and Museums, Lisabon, 31. 10. – 1. 11. 2014, (talk „The situation about Net Art and Post Internet Art within the Czech Republic and current strategies of its presentation in international context“)

One day in August 2013, I started to run downhill towards the city, bathed in evening sun. It was warm and I could feel the slight breeze on my naked shoulders, playing with my hair. I had hangover and was slightly thirsty. When I was running towards the city, I felt free and infinite. Although after a minute or so I felt also my asthma. It was magical unforgettable evening run and I recorded it all on common digital camera I had on me.

I will always remember the day as it was.

It was unforgettable evening…

Brno, Czech republic

August 2013

VITRINA DENISKA | Toast McFarland: noc&sen

Documentation from exhibition I recently curated.

Toast McFarland
noc&sen /night&dream

Vitrína Deniska (Denisova 5, Olomouc)
17. 7. 2014 – 10. 8. 2014

16. 7. 2014
vernisáž/opening | 19.00 | Vitrína Deniska
prezentace tvorby / presentation of works | 20.00


photo (c) Monika Abrahámová

(c) Toast McFarland

(c) Toast McFarland

I am very happy to have whole chapter on me in Czech theoretical bachelor thesis on Internet Art written by Kateřina Cepáková “Reflection of the Internet in Art and Theory of the 21st Century” at Charles University in Prague (art history)

A situation by (c) merry
mobile phone video


Chloë Flores guest lecture


Chloë Flores of Chloë Flores Facebook will be visiting the FAIN 315 Internet Studio class in Watt Hall 6 this Monday Nov 11 at 10:30 am. She will be discussing her ongoing curatorial project on Facebook. Chloë Flores Facebook resident artist Samuel White will accompany her as well as Czech…