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VITRINA DENISKA | Toast McFarland: noc&sen

Documentation from exhibition I recently curated.

Toast McFarland
noc&sen /night&dream

Vitrína Deniska (Denisova 5, Olomouc)
17. 7. 2014 – 10. 8. 2014

16. 7. 2014
vernisáž/opening | 19.00 | Vitrína Deniska
prezentace tvorby / presentation of works | 20.00


photo (c) Monika Abrahámová

(c) Toast McFarland

(c) Toast McFarland

I am very happy to have whole chapter on me in Czech theoretical bachelor thesis on Internet Art written by Kateřina Cepáková “Reflection of the Internet in Art and Theory of the 21st Century” at Charles University in Prague (art history)

A situation by (c) merry
mobile phone video


Chloë Flores guest lecture


Chloë Flores of Chloë Flores Facebook will be visiting the FAIN 315 Internet Studio class in Watt Hall 6 this Monday Nov 11 at 10:30 am. She will be discussing her ongoing curatorial project on Facebook. Chloë Flores Facebook resident artist Samuel White will accompany her as well as Czech…

old thing I forgot to post

Derived from Close up by Martin Kohout derived from Blow Up by Michelangelo Antonioni.
From Perfectly Lost / Perfectly Found series by (c) merry
based on natural glitches